Friday, March 11, 2011

Our references? Check our last jobs and our Best Network's GC

Our concept is to work with several trusted GC, with whom we have established Relation and Efficiency.
Depending the type of work, the location, and the "demand", our work is to match your job with the best possible offer. And it will start the best possible Design
This is our  Valued Engineering Approach (what make us different..!)

The Rubens Job in Pleasantville

 Design  Build and Manage a 2 story addition, with new Family Room, Custumed  Built in, and Master Bedroom  Suite Remodel
Mgt Construction ( was the GC and Ed is the Project Manager (203 509 0334): Ed is a Friend, know construction really well, has a realestate  license, and I have been working closely with him for over 10 years.

With Mgt Construction, we just finished the 3rd Remodel for The Walter's in Darien, CT( : 1st floor full Remodel, which we planned and build,  keeping in mind,(and on Paper), the future full Remodel of their second floor ( to happen later):

this is the" Before" pictures

The Mike Chang Job In Scarsdale= Full remodel of a 3,500 sf Home

Joe Santos  (914 469 5106) is the GC. Joe is working in the Scarsdale area, and complete yearly, dozens of Remodeling projects, with successful feed back.
We are working together  for the Chang Remodel in Scarsdale, NY. Job should be completed shortly.

The Tingley Job in Norwalk

Full remodel and 2 story addition

Hector Camacho was the GC (203 223 5054), and it was a pleasure working with Hector, on the Tingley's  residence.
We planned this Full remodel and Extension, with the future Remodel /extension of the existing Garage, which Home owner will do at a later phase.

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This is Hector's smile...I am sure you get the idea...

Hector is working now on a Big challenging  Remodel in Greenwich CT

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