Saturday, March 5, 2011

Construction in the 80 and 90 in France

Between the 80 and the 90, in the South of France, Construction is steady. A lot of competition so. 
I graduated as an Architect in 83

I Designed and Build  Residential Constructions,

Pool, and Renovation of Bastides

Then I get married, to my American wife, who will help me develop my international "Clientele"

I will Design Build ,and Develop several projects in Provence

Le Moulin -12 high End Apartments, renovated on the site of a XVII century olive Mill
Le Hameau Notre Dame, 13 condo, overlooking the Village of Cotignac

And develop a new project for La tannery in Barjols


and still Design Building, some of our best projects in Provence 
De Foresta Project in Montmeyan

And other Passive Solar Residences
 The Phillipon Remodel
 Richard. A New Passive Solar Construction

Then in July 1995, we decided to move to America- Just like that, never talk about it before...
I know...!!

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