Sunday, January 10, 2010

My background, France in the 80-90

I joined the family Construction Business in 1976: Sarl Caren Paul et Fils.
I guess it was my destiny. My Father was an Entrepreneur, Grand father was a Mason, and my Great grandfather was in the Construction Business in 1890.
This picture was taken  in the 1940's. It is the Construction of the Cemetery, in Cotignac, South of France, where I grew up.
In 1983, I graduated as an Architecte DPLG (similar to AIA). At that time I was managing  both sides of the Construction process. To design and build at this time in France was not really considered the norm. I had several discussions with the Ordre des Architectes and tried to explain my position. I was a partner in the family Construction Company and the establishment did not consider my position conventional. In France Architects like to believe that they need to oversee the Contractor. I was thinking, it was more efficient to work the builder, like the old Master Builder used to do.